About Us

We live a trust-based and transparent partnership with our clients, beside our competence and experience, we believe these are key points for success.

Innasci is an international management consulting and technology advisory company - focusing on human resources (HR).

We enrich client teams with rare expert skills to further strengthen available competence, expertise and execution power.
Innasci serves its clients with strategic, organizational and process advice as well as in the selection, implementation, integration and operation of latest Human Capital Management (HCM) applications:

  • HCM On-Premise
  • HCM Cloud Services
  • HCM Hybrid

We promise knowledgeable experts providing immediate added value. Beyond that, we strive to have a trust-based partnership with our clients.

Our capabilities support clients in:

  • Considering future HR trends
  • Conducting HR Transformations
  • Selecting and implementing HCM applications
  • Delivering projects and services
  • Improving HR operational excellence and business relevance
  • Services


    We do help to overcome obstacles and to solve problems to the point.

    HR Strategy & Trends

    Organizations, hence HR, have to leave the well-known paths and be disruptive without denying the own DNA. In order to remain business relevant, HR departments have to become more strategic in their focus and be more open to new HR trends, such as:

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    HR Operations Excellence & Transformation

    Human Capital Management is a pillar of each organization and can make a valuable contribution to strategic business decisions concerning what many CEOs feel is a company’s most valuable asset – it is its employees talent.

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    HR Technology & Integration

    Most organizations are confronted with the question: Which HR Application and Technology to be used in future in order to meet HR consumer needs, to support HR transformation and achieve strategic goals? Naturally, there is no single truth, although the market offering for HR Applications is quite limited.

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    HR Project Management & Support

    We offer our project services to the point and to the exact need of our clients, hence you will get the right resource with the right skill-set @ exactly the time needed – we adapt to your project needs and support you were you need our expertise.

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    HR Application Maintenance

    If you are performing the HR Application Maintenance in-house we are able to support you with our liquid workforce and expertise as needed. We are also able to support you in building up your own service centers onsite or in near-shore locations.

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    Innasci maintains long-lasting and trust-based relationships to clients and partners.

    We closely collaborate and have agreements with the following organizations in the wider HR arena, either as our clients or as our partners:

    Further and detailed references can be provided on request.